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Jubilee BEST robotics 2019
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Below is a game that one of my classes is working on

Click it to play; left and right arrows to move

space bar to shoot

About me:
My name is John Streety. I got my education in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Alabama. I am a middle school teacher at Grand Bay Middle School. I teach robotics mainly using the Raspberry Pi and Python programming language

I would like to take a few lines to recognize some of my outstanding sixth grade students. We have taken up learning HTML web design.By the end of the year they will be able tp design a website like this one, or maybe even a game in Python.These students went above and beyond what was required of them in my class. I admire thier zeal and wish them the best:

This year I decided to go back to the drawing board.I decided the GOPIGO 3 was unessacarily complicated as far as Python code goes. It had something called Object oriented programming in 2017/2018 I learned how to make that work in order to have somewhat of a platform.Now my students are learning how to control virtually any motor(except V8 etc.) with a Raspberrry Pi. I have started creating an entire curricullem around this idea.

We also have a a few new new branches coming out of our coding and robotics curriculem:

These are some videos of my students at Grand Bay Middle School having some fun, racing their robots

These are some videos of my students at Grand Bay Middle School participating in Jubilee BEST Robotics

Jubilee BEST robotics 2018
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